marți, decembrie 14, 2010


Singur, pastor
calatoresc pe pajisiti inalte
deasupra apelor
deasupra norilor...

singur pastor
m-antind cat o turma de oi
spre nemarginire.

ma-ntind cat fuge vantul
si cantul de fluier
ce naste din mine
crescand apoi in firul ierbii
si-n pietre...

pastor iubitor,
prezent in viata,
sunt raul propriului meu izvor
si susur,
si curg,

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Andreea spunea...


In nature I find the answers
Which no one else can give;
That we hold the truth inside us
How to be and live.

Is the need for constant chatter,
To respond to every word,
Only to distract ourselves
From what really need be heard?

Why a need to say out loud
And have others give reply;
Who could ever comment on
What’s told by sea and sky?

So much for us to learn
While listening to a creek;
How to sit by silently,
Oh, tell me what you speak

In the chanting of the cricket
Conversing of the bird
The croaking of the frog
So much that can be heard

Oh, would I give up need to speak
Truly nothing can be said
Would improve the voice of nature
Yet these words play through my head

They beg be written down like this
And shared with others from within
Yet a well-turned phrase need no reply
Like speaking to the wind

The force which brings us here,
Offers beauty and such grace
What would be if we but hear
The silent wisdom of this place

The truth which is within us
The only voice we can not doubt
Listen to that voice our own
And learn what we’re about

Bring forth the force of nature
Which has always been inside
Waiting for us to hear it
Once we still the voice of pride

For there is no way to part
From one’s self and all our kingdom
Once we find our way back home
To the place where lives our freedom
May nature’s grace take us back to freedom

Gordon Artrias Rosenberg


Florea Mihai Ionut spunea...

:... multumesc. frumoase versuri.