sâmbătă, noiembrie 28, 2009

Another day in Bucharest

"Din ceas, dedus, adancul acestei calme creste,
Intrata prin oglinda in mantuit azur,
Taind pe inecarea cirezilor agreste,
In grupurile apei, un joc secund, mai pur.

Nadir latent! Poetul ridica insumarea
De harfe resfirate ce-n zbor invers le pierzi
Si cantec istoveste: ascuns, cum numai marea,
Meduzele cand plimba sub clopotele verzi,
- Ion Barbu -

I leave home at seven
Under a heavy sky, I ride my bike up, I ride my bike down

November smoke and your toes go numb
A new colour on the Globe
It goes from white to red, a little voice in my head says oh, oh, oh

I know it, I think I know it from a hymn
They've said so, it doesn't need more explanation
A box to open up with light and sound
And if you don't
You're on your own

Late autumn sunset

Aici avem bisericuta din curtea spitalului municipal sau a facultatii... evident in timpul unui apus.

Imi cer scuze pentru cele putin miscate sau cu ceva zgomot de imag, dar nu am avut trepied. Mereu trebuie sa ma descurc singur. Nu am facut setarile de baza, am facut setarile posibile in mom respectiv.

Faun - Ólafur Arnalds

duminică, noiembrie 22, 2009

Make a deal with the city

O zi insorita de toamna pe drumul meu spre facultate. E o poza pentru mine, asociata cu meldoia din post.

Make a Deal with the City - East River Pipe

sâmbătă, noiembrie 21, 2009

Special day...

Octombrie(George Toparceanu) - Tudor Gheorghe

The Enchanted Forest - Angels of Venice/Carol Tatum

Seasons, my friend.
Colour me so we can blend.
Forbid me to go,
I know so little about the wind when it blows.

Dreamer, dreamer.
I’m woking out of your dream.

Take me off that parade,
and place me somewhere in yours and so shades.
Your night shuts my door,
and I announce dream anymore.

See if I can pass by that waiting hand,
if I can pass by that wondering man.
If I can leave to get one,
see that it all make sense pretty soon.

Dreamer, dreamer.
I'm woking out there you go on.
(dreamer, dreamer)
Dreamer, dreamer,
I'll be where I belong.
(dreamer, dreamer)

Dreamer.wma - Shopie Zelmani